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reconciling Craftsmanship Experience with the most Advanced

About our company

Our mission is to conciliate the craftsmanship experience with the most advanced technologies in the manufacturing of excellence. This is ALLUFER TEMPESTA, this is what we want to be and want to realize: innovation and craftsmanship for naval industry”

Passion for accuracy

Precision and crafts skills allow us to realize goods which transmit the passion and the warm of heritage and Italian tradition of beauty; technology, which lead the design and the production, move from continuous research and innovation, essentials to compete into a global and fierce market.

Design and Engineering

An efficient solution starts from an efficient engineering and design. Our technical department is composed is composed by professionals from different fields. In order to support our clients providing the most complete and detailed information since the beginning, our crew uses the latest technologies and software such as Autocad (2D Planning), Solid Edge (3D planning), Femap and Cad-Cam software for the management of digital controlled machinery. Each design step is verified through real time simulations..

Quality in the results.

All our employee, from the engineer to the technician, laborer till the distribution work to create high quality outputs. Our humans are highly specialized: welders, millings and a cutting edge polishing department, based on the irreplaceable crafts operations, made stainless steel works unapproachable.

Allufer Tempesta - Since 1972 we produce marine industry equipment

Our Team

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